Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival to Crack Up the Community

Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival to Crack Up the Community

Plymouth, MA (July 5, 2010) -- The Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival is proud to unveil the first annual Ruffled Feather Trophy. In honoring the work of Stand Up Comedians, Indie Film Winners, Hollywood Film Producer Kris Meyer and Steven Gross and the Life is Good Playmakers, the trophy will be presented at the Ruffled Feather Gala Event on Saturday, July 10th at 8:00pm.


Embodied in the trophy, the turkey egg – to encompass the epic question: What came first, the Turkey or the Egg? It wouldn’t be a Ruffled Feather Award without a feather…or would it?


The Ruffled Feather Gala Event will be held at Plymouth Memorial Hall, Saturday July 10th at 8pm. Honorary Ruffled Feather awards will be presented to Steve Gross and the Life is Good Playmakers and Hollywood Film Producer, Kris Meyer. Comedic contest and Short Film contest winners will also be awarded. Performers for the evening are Wicked Funny comediennes Patty Ross, Jackie Flynn and Tony V; host for the evening is Kevin Flynn.


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About the Ruffled Feather Award

The Ruffled Feather Award is an honorary award that Loretta LaRoche Productions has developed in hopes to recognize and commend the unique achievements of a talented individual who has positively “Ruffled the Feathers” of the world: socially, emotionally and optimistically through the use of humor and creativity. Loretta LaRoche believes in and teaches the mission of “Ruffling Feathers” with Humor, Health, and Happiness. The Ruffled Feather award honors those individuals who ‘think differently’, go-against-the-grain, and innovatively spread joy and insight through words and actions.Ruffled Feather Award recipients are thoughtfully selected by a panel of judges, based on the following: Breadth of positive social impact and contribution, body of work or achievement that has entertained, empowered and enlightened, and level of innovation and distinctiveness in their voice and “feather-ruffling” ideas.


About Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival

Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival was founded by Loretta LaRoche Productions for the love of capturing and celebrating the gift of laughter which Empowers, Enlightens and Entertains a community. The PRCF stitches together the best of Stand -Up Comedy and Independent Comedic Short film-making talents and showcases them in unity in Plymouth, MA. The PRCF is working in partnership with many outstanding Plymouth venues and benefiting the Plimoth Plantation and Project Joy.


About Loretta LaRoche Productions

Since being founded in 1998, by Erik Christensen, MBA, LLP opened with the conviction to Empower, Entertain and Enlighten. LLP takes pride in knowing that we have successfully serviced fortune 500 companies and several thousands of clients and speakers. Since its inception, Loretta LaRoche Productions has had a strong handle on precision and focus when finding the right keynote speaker or entertainer for any event or budget. LLP focuses on three individual divisions. A Speakers Bureau, Concert Productions and Event Planning which includes fundraising, festivals and business expos. For more information, visit