Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival Takes on Plymouth Oct 12-14th

PLYMOUTH - Loretta LaRoche Productions will present its second annual Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival, showcasing four nights of comedic entertainment, Oct. 12-14 at various Plymouth locations. The four-day event will showcase some of the area's funniest comedians displaying their material in a live, uncut forum.
Oct. 12, the festival kicks off with the "Ruffle Your Feathers" contest, in which six comedians (narrowed down from 20 by a public online voting forum) compete for the number one spot. A panel of judges will determine the winner, who will receive the Turkey Egg trophy and become the opening comedic act for an upcoming LLP production. Hosted by comedian Dave Russo, this event will take place at Martini's Bar and Grill at 8 p.m., and is free to the public.
The festival continues Oct. 13 with the "He Said/She Said" Battle of the Sexes. Held at the Radisson Hotel at 8 p.m., this show highlights the age-old battle of man vs. woman. Four comedians will storm each other on stage while the audience gets to decide a winner.
The most outrageous event, Raw Comedy, will take place Oct.14 at CabbyShack. This is a 21-plus show in which comedians unleash their most uncensored opinions on stage for two shows, at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

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