Plymouth rocks with laughter

By Emily Clark
Posted Jul 01, 2010 @ 12:00 PM

You can’t survive without food and water. And, if you’re Loretta Laroche, you certainly aren’t going to make it without humor.

She read somewhere that America’s so-called “Misery Index” is skyrocketing. Laroche isn’t sure what a misery index is, but she can vouch for the misery she bumps into on her daily rounds. Many people are stressed, unhappy and downright scared about the future, she said. The economy, war and a whole host of other issues have draped a wet blanket over humor, she said, and something needs to be done about it. Right now.

For the first time, Loretta Laroche Productions is presenting The Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival – a 10-event laughter smorgasbord from July 5 to July 10 at venues all over town. It’s time to drop the black curtain and celebrate life while there’s still time, Laroche said.

“Humor is like a glass of cool lemonade on a hot day,” she added. “It refreshes and picks you up. It gives you a vacation from your troubles. It gives you new perspective and rests your weary mind. We all need that.”

The festival kicks off Monday, July 5, with a free Open Mic Night at 14 Union Dockside Bar and Grille, followed up with The Art of Laughter in Films Tuesday, July 6, at Plimoth Plantation and Preliminary Comedy Contest at East Bay Grille. It climbs into Wednesday, July 7, with an Indie Comedy Short Film Contest at Plimoth Plantation and a PRCF Harbor Cruise with Joey Voices, and Raw Comedy – Laughter on the Half Shell at RooBar Restaurant, hits Thursday, July 8 with He Said, She Said – A Comedic Battle of the Sexes at the Radisson Hotel. 

There’s more.

Friday, July 9, the festival features Comedic Contest Finals at Memorial Hall. And the VIP Ruffled Feather Benefit & Cocktail Party in the Memorial Hall Blue Room will be followed with the Ruffled Feather Gala Event at Memorial Hall Saturday, July 10.

News anchor Susan Wornick will host The Art of Laughter event at Plimoth Plantation, which will honor film producer Kris Meyer, famed for There’s Something About Mary and other blockbusters, and Steven Gross and the Life Is Good Playmakers with Ruffled Feather Awards. (See related listing for the event schedule and ticket prices).

Ever since her stress-buster book Relax, You May Have Only a Few Minutes Left hit book stores more than 10 years ago, Laroche has become a household name synonymous with laughter. Today, Laroche is a stress-guru, author, motivational speaker and a host of other titles.

Her own household growing up was also all about laughter. And food. Laroche’s mom, Laura Pisani, had a knack for identifying absurdity, even in the most serious places.

“She was a big promoter of absurdity. She would see the absurdity and say, ‘Look at this!’” Laroche said. “She lived 99 1/2 years. We’re all going to pass from this earthly paradise and I think when my mother passed it just really reinforced my need to just enjoy life as much as I possibly can – ’cause I’m next. That’s the big irony.”

So, to quote Laroche: “Relax. You may have only a few minutes left.”

For more information on the festival or to purchase tickets, visit,call 508-747-1340 or visit the box office at 50 Court St., Plymouth.