Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!

Loretta LaRoche Productions has once again produced some of the best known shows for the second Annual Plymouth Rock Comedy Festival! Coming Up Oct 12-Oct 14th..They are Outrageous, Unplugged, side- splitting and down right hysterical! Witness with your own eyes the behaviors these performers are going to entertain you with. They have performed all over the country and now they are here in Plymouth! You have seen them before on Oprah,NBC's Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, Dr. Oz, ABC the View, HBO, Nick At Nite, Boston Comedy Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival and so many clubs and Venues across the country!
Back again by popular demand, He Said/She Said Show from Last Year. Witness an evening of debauchery as our comedians relentlessly illustrate the “he said/she said” of relationships. With their irreverent view points and “no holds barred” approach, these comedians will be saying everything you tell your kids not to say, right on stage. If you’ve ever been in a relationship, or wanted to run like hell from one, this evening is perfect for you. Making their counter parts look childish, lazy and down right useless most of the time. Me, Me , Me! will be their best seller,
Hosted by Mr Chris Zito, he is ready to rev these guys up and entangle them in their own words! It will be your job to decide who has won the battle of the sexes on Oct 13th!